Location of TMIT

TMIT is located in Thilawa Port Area situating beside Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and being the gateway for the SEZ, is 30 km away from Yangon Down-town area by land transport and is only 6 km away from the Zone A Main Gate of the SEZ.


Yangon Port Area & Thilawa Port Area 

Compared to Yangon Port, Thilawa Port has a geographical advantage for which larger vessels can berth and less waiting time for tide are required; therefore, it gives shipping companies the benefit and is expected to be used by cargo owners not only in Thilawa area but also in Yangon and other areas.

                          Yangon Inner Harbor                 Thilawa Area Port
 Location 32 km from River Mouth 16 km from River Mouth
 Sandbar Outer bar and Inner bar Outer bar
 Navigation Only day time (to pass Inner bar) 04:00-21:00
 Draft 9.3 m 9.5 m
 LOA 190 m 200 m
 DWT 20,000 DWT 33,000 DWT

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