Annual Handling Capacity  240,000 TEU
  Berth Length  400 m
  Water Depth Alongside  12 m
  Site Area  165,000 m2
  CFS Area  5,200 m2
  STS 3 units 
  RTG 9 units 
  Terminal Operation System CATOS ver.7.7
  Generator 1,650 KVA x 4 units

TMIT is outfitted with the latest STS cranes and RTG cranes from Japan.

STS cranes are equipped with Soft Landing System which eases the impact to containers on landing. Also, Seismic Isolation System is installed in STS cranes and its pier is antiquake; that enables TMIT to continue operation through earthquakes.

RTG cranes are lithium-ion hybrid type and, compared to diesel type, can save around 50% of fuel to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emission.

RTG Crane
STS Crane
Reach Stacker
Reefer Plugs and Sub station
Yard Tractor
X ray Station

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